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Hi, my name is Gabriel!

I'm a 4th year software engineering student at Laval University.

Here are some of my projects:


This project is the website you are currently looking at! I created it to centralize my social media links into a single platform and to have a way to show my projects to other people. It allowed me to put my newly acquired front end development skills to use, while also learning how to use TypeScript.

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Discord Meme Bot

Discord bot to easily view the top fresh memes from various meme subreddits by listening to specific commands from the server users, and then, when asked to, pulling a meme from Reddit's API and posting it, along with some information about the post. This taught me how to use different API's (Discord/Reddit) and allowed me to practice asynchronicity in Python.

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JavaScript Animations

A website containing multiple JavaScript animations using the HTML canvas, such as the Matrix green code rain effect and an interactive Conway's game of life. I made them while learning JavaScript, which allowed me to practice implementing basic logic and modifying the DOM.

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